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beyond language

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An organization committed to promoting reflective early years educational practice for bilingual educators around the world. 

Choose the best fit:

Short online, asynchronous PD courses & small group online mentorship opportunities

For teachers and coordinators:


Bilingual Teachers: 
Essence & Value


Core Practices in a Bilingual Early Childhood Classroom


Essential Routines in a Bilingual Early Years Classroom

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Online Classes


Foundations  of Bilingual Early Years Education


Bilingual Evaluation: Theory and Practice


Planning for Bilingualism

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Online Classes

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Online Classes

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Online Classes

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Online Classes

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Online Classes

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Online Classes

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Join exclusive groups of bilingual early childhood education teachers and coordinators. Each semester offers new topics of study.
Each group is limited to 10 spots!

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Teacher Group


Every two weeks on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 pm (ET)
Feb. 15, 2023 -  June 7, 2023


2023 First Semester Theme?

Subjectivity of the child and a teacher's influence


6 installments of US$75 

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Coordinator Group

When ?

Every two weeks on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 pm (ET)
Feb. 14, 2023 -  June 6, 2023




2023 First Semester Theme?

The multiple roles of a pedagogical coordinator and how to implement lasting routines.


6 installments of US$90 


For schools and organizations:

Individual or continuous professional development sessions or workshops



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Leadership Team Development

Single or Continuous Development Plan

Online or in-person

In-person Training

Many topics to choose from

Tailored to your needs

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Many topics to choose from

1-3 hours of chosen content

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Interested in group discounts for the online teacher development courses? Get in touch!


It's worth making an investment in this WONDERFUL course! It has exceeded all my expectations and the first course has already left me wanting more. A very rich course with extremely relevant and valuable information.

- Teacher Luciana
Bilingual Elementary School Teacher

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Outstanding professionals! Both Rebekah and Carol are exceptionally knowledgeable about bilingualism in both theory and practice. Their expertise is conveyed through clear, warm, and effective communication. I'm a fan of Bilinguistas!

- Fernanda Nyari
Bilingual School Director

I took the courses along with the early years coordinator at my school. The courses taught us essential concepts and teaching practices and gave us tools to assess and improve our work as managers. Highly recommend!


- Isabela Landim
Early Years Pedagogical Advisor

During my 11 years of working with bilingual early childhood education, I have learned a lot about everyday teaching practices but felt a lack in having a solid theoretical foundation. I felt like I needed that  to inform my pedagogical decisions and bring greater clarity to my work. This course has provided what I lacked. Now, instead of teaching on “auto-pilot,” I now review the reasons why I do what I do and I have new skills to work differently. This course also provides very rich and well organized independent study material.

- Lidia Basques
Bilingual Early Years Teacher

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American and bilingual, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Intercultural Studies, and TESOL.  She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Development and a postgraduate degree in Management, Leadership, and Technology.

Rebekah has worked in the field of bilingual education for over 20 years. She has taught classes, trained teachers, and managed schools in Iraq, the USA, and Brazil. Her primary focus has always been to enrich the lives of school administrators, teachers, students, and their families through holistic bilingual education.


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Brazilian and trilingual, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She also holds a postgraduate degree in Pedagogical Coordination.
Carol has more than 15 years of bilingual school experience in Brazil, Chile and the Dominican Republic. With this background, she possesses a strong multicultural worldview and promotes the importance of understanding children's development in a holistic way. Carol values children's hundred languages ​​as tools for meaningful self-expression, and relationship-building and as a way to expand their cultural and cognitive experiences.


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Bilinguistas was founded in 2021 with the vision of advancing highly reflective early years bilingual practice for new and experienced teachers and administrators,  especially in the Global South. 

Our practice involves not only a dynamic language acquisition process, but also one which focuses on each child's socio-cultural and cognitive development. 
We understand language in two distinct yet conjoined ways; as a tool for self-expression and as an object of study. 

Want to learn more about what Bilinguistas can do for you?



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